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Cheers to Our Neighbors

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Cheers to Our Neighbors

We may be quarantined, but spring is still in the air! Traditionally a time of rebirth, my son, Sam, and I have embraced the season by reviving the tradition of a cocktail hour every evening.

When the weather isn't stifling, we join our neighbors in our respective front yards, catching up with each other from across the street.

We have the most fun watching the two year-old triplets diagonal to us, set up in their high chairs with juice boxes and a snack.

Plates get frisbee'd across the lawn when pretzels are done, shirts get pulled on top of heads and the kids contort like little escape artists, trying to get out of the chairs so they can chase the squirrlels or ducks scampering nearby.

It's a great time to take a deep breath and just enjoy each other's company.

Here Sam and I are having sweet tea with a shot of bourbon (Woodford) and a slice of orange.

Woodford and Sweet Tea

1 ounce Woodford bourbon

4 ounces sweet tea, chilled

orange slices

Fill a shaker with ice. Add bourbon and sweet tea. Shake vigorously. Pour into an iced glass. Garnish with orange slices.

Serves one

People's tastes vary wildly when it comes to sweet tea. Start less sweet and add simple syrup until it is to your liking. You can also play around with the types of tea you use. I like Earl Gray and English Breakfast teas for a change of pace.

You can change around the garnishes, too. Try lemon, mint or a combination of both. Frozen peaches would also be excellent in place of ice cubes. Have fun and experiment with what you have in the pantry.


Simple Syrup

1 cup water

1 cup sugar

Boil water and sugar on medium high until all sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat. Cool and transfer to a container. Refrigerate until needed.

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Tracey Broussard
Tracey Broussard
Apr 23, 2020

Me, too, Lisa!


Apr 23, 2020

ooh....wish I could join you!!

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